And we are off!

After a day on the road, a night in St.Louis, good food, and a chance meeting with some Lexington friends – I can safely say we are off to a pretty good start. It started with a few tears, a disorganized hotel arrival (bringing all our bags into the hotel for a 2 night stay) but culminated in a great trip to the top of the gateway Arch at night, a fantastic Italian meal on The Hill, and seats behind home plate (and in the shade!) at Busch Stadium for a Cardinals win over the SF Giants.  We will visit the City Museum tomorrow morning (after a little modification of our packing system) and then continue heading west. We are not sure how far we will drive tomorrow but will be in Colorado by the end of the weekend.  Leaving home was bittersweet and a little overwhelming for all of us.  Contemplating the amount of time we will be gone made the drive out of town especially daunting. It has been helpful to focus on the “now”, not look too far ahead and enjoy the moment.  Already we have a had some great moments.

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