Guatemala – Volcano Pacaya


Saturday we went up Volcano Pacaya in Guatemala.

When we got there immediately kids were selling walking sticks and offering horse rides which they called “taxis”.  We got 3 walking sticks and the horses followed us half way up.  It was a hard uphill climb.  My mom almost passed out so we got her a horse.

The heat from the Volcano is so hot, it can starts fires!  The volcano last erupted two years ago. It’s still so hot people can roast marshmallows. On the way down we went through some adventure shortcuts. There were 4 of them but, they were too steep for my parents so it was just me, our guide, and Laney. I hope you like this video as much as I do.

I recommend you do this.  The marshmallows are really good and the view is really cool (like Mt. Doom in Lord of the Rings).  It was an amazing experience.


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  1. Great descriptions Lee and loved the video too!!

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