Fiji – A week in paradise

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We are wrapping up our week in Fiji and it has been the perfect rejuvenating break.  With hiking, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, paddleboarding, village and school visits, and many other activities keeping us busy – we have not been exactly “resting”.  But the sand, sun, and surf have been a perfect recipe for keeping everyone in good spirits after 2 and a half months on the road.  We arrived on the main island of Fiji at Nadi International airport on the October 18th.  We then took our first ride in a seaplane to the outer Yasawa’s where we stayed on Nacula at the Blue Lagoon Island Resort.

The water is perfectly turquoise, the reefs are abundant and in good health.  We snorkeled right off the beach and saw fish more colorful and abundant than you would see in the greatest saltwater aquarium. While snorkeling we also saw rays, sea snakes and an octopus!  Soon thereafter we put on our SCUBA gear and the kids completed their first open water dives in the ocean!  We dove numerous sites in the area and highlights included seeing a sea turtle and some sharks.

While in Fiji we met travelers from all over the world.  This is a place that attracts visitors from every continent and we can understand why.  Fijians are notoriously nice and eager to share stories and a smile (and some cava).  The weather is fantastic and the volcanic  islands are absolutely beautiful. Green islands with rocky peaks, white sandy beaches, iridescent blue water and an abundance of marine life make Fiji a true paradise.  With over 300 islands – we have lots to come back and see.

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3 Responses to Fiji – A week in paradise

  1. Doug Fowley says:

    sounds wonderful. can’t tell you all how much fun it is to read about your adventure. cheers doug and kate

  2. Jeff Smith says:

    Dear Helmers,

    Not sure if you plan to do this, but the Hobbit Hole is open for business in New Zealand, and Tolkein tourism is on the rise…

    Jeff Smith

  3. ncryder says:

    Wow! That sounds awful 🙂
    Your trip=Best. Idea. Ever.

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