Going to School

Owairoa Primary School



Today I went to Owairoa Primary School a school in New Zealand. Since it is Friday we did some stuff they do not do every day of the week. A couple things are jump jam, assembly, and morning tea. Jump Jam is a dance they do to get the wiggles out. Assembly is like when one grade/year come and sing and tell stories. Laney and I gave a speech and shared the blog. Morning tea is when you bring a snack and drinks and have a break. This happens every day but on Friday they get special food. Teachers also have a break and eat snack but they also have tea and coffee. They talk about daily news around the school. After the kids finish they can play. They play hand ball, jump rope, rugby, basketball and run obstacle courses. Every school has a nature walk were they can read around native plants. I met some kids and they were awesome! We played basketball. I wish I could go back one day!



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