Busy in Australia

Apologies for not posting more frequently. We are enjoying our travels and have been too busy and too remote (no wifi) to post as frequently as we would like. I guess that is a good thing and the point of the trip. Regardless we will try and be better about posting. Just so you know, we spent four great days in Sydney spending time with friends and seeing the city. It was a good combination of touristy stuff and getting an inside look with Sydney-siders. We then flew to Brisbane and visited the Australia Zoo before driving on to Hervey Bay. We spent yesterday diving the Great Barrier Reef at Lady Elliott Island (turtles and manta rays!!) and will leave tomorrow for a Frazer Island overnight trip. Happy Thanksgiving!

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1 Response to Busy in Australia

  1. Deanna Corey says:

    Thank you for your postings.I have enjoyed them.The pix are amazing

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