Africa! Safari at Londolozi

Having spent several days in beautiful Cape Town, we were already enjoying our first visit to Africa. After flying northeast towards Kruger National Park we arrived at our first camp and began a safari. We begin this part of the trip at a private game reserve, Londolozi, within Kruger National Park. Shortly after settling in to our accommodations, we climbed into a modified Land Rover and took of into the bush. Within minutes we were encountering the animals that you imagine and hope you will get to see on a trip to Africa. In less than 24 hours we have encountered all of the “Big Five” plus many other animals that have thrilled us. It is now that we feel we have truly arrived in natural Africa. Here are a few pictures we snapped on our first two game drives that will give you an idea of the amazing location and the wildlife here.

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3 Responses to Africa! Safari at Londolozi

  1. Bonnie Adkisson says:

    Awesome ! I’m so jealoyus.

  2. Great photographs and write up. Thank you for visiting Londolozi, it was fantastic to be included on your amazing journey around the world. Hope to see you all back soon!

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