Last Day of Travel

In nearly 10 months of traveling we have visited 6 continents, over 20 countries and over 50 different cities. We have hiked through jungles, climbed mountains, and rafted rivers. We have visited museums, castles and ancient ruins. We have seen concerts, sporting events, amazing art pieces, and rare wildlife in jeopardized habitats. We have met people from all over the world and learned about their history and culture. We have done it all together as a family and we have been changed by the experience. Tomorrow is the last day of our round-the-world trip. Monday we fly home to Lexington. But it is not the end of our adventure – because every day is a new opportunity for us to enjoy life, learn something new, share our talents, help others, make new friends and grow closer with our family and neighbors. We welcome you to join us. See you soon


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6 Responses to Last Day of Travel

  1. whitneypannell says:

    Wow it seems to have gone quickly. What an experience of a lifetime!

  2. whitneypannell says:

    Wow it seems like its gone quickly! What an experience of a lifetime!

  3. Giles says:


  4. Harper Cook says:

    It’s been thrilling to follow you guys. Well done and see you back in the USA.

    • Harper-
      I regret that we didn’t get a little further south to see you while in England. I would have loved to have toasted our mutual health and good fortune with you in a pub before heading back home. We will just have to plan get back together in the bluegrass or the next time I am in the U.K. Thanks for all your support and kind words this year. Cheers!

  5. Don Muntz says:

    Dear David and Ann , We were much moved by your summation of your family’s world adventure . What a wonderful experience for all of you … especially since you are still very young , and still have long lives before you to fulfill your life goals .

    As a very old man near life’s end , who has also roamed this world a bit , two salient impressions remain from my travels ..” Whomever one meets in this world of ours , the nose remains fixed in the middle of the face ( an old Swiss proverb … ie . the human condition remains the same for all ) ; the other , we remain our brother’s keeper , or we will not remain , at all . One trusts that your travels have similarly influenced your general outlook . All the Best, Don Muntz

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