One Week on the Road

It’s hard to believe that we haven’t been gone a week.  In a mere 6 days we have traveled through 5 states and over 1200 miles.  We have been to monuments, ballgames, museums, national parks, and too many other points of interest to mention.  Most importantly, we have visited with great friends and spent quality time together.  Highlights so far include the ballgame in St. Louis and running into the Sam’s family (what a great way to start the trip), the City Museum (which is a must-see for anybody with kids or willing to act like one), visits with a slew of great friends in Colorado (loved seeing and spending time with the Patricks, Martineks, Martins and O’Neils).  We really appreciate the hospitality of these old friends and especially enjoyed spending time with these families.  We realize that after leaving Colorado we will not enjoy the luxury of  seeing old friends with such frequency. We will, however, embrace the opportunity to make new friends and visit new places.  With the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Los Angeles on the horizon we will continue at a pretty accelerated pace.  The kids have been troopers.  They have enjoyed every place we visited and have gotten along with one another quite well.  It is great to hear them laughing together as we drive across the country or get ready for bed.  I celebrated my birthday yesterday in beautiful Edwards, Colorado.  I can’t think of a better way to spend it than the way I did.  Hiking in the Colorado Mountains, going for a swim, squeezing in a quick nap, and having dinner with family and great friends.  We depart this morning for Utah and Arizona. Adventure in the Grand Canyon awaits!

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