Nonnobus and Old ladies on bikes

We have been in Cremona, Italy for a few weeks and I am anxious to share a few of my favorite things about living in this amazing little town.

I can’t even begin to do justice to topic of the food. It is Italy so you know it is good! We are putting back all the weight we lost the rest of this trip. Eating is an art form they have perfected here and fresh pasta, cured meats and cheeses, baked goods and homemade gelato are a part of every meal.

Cremona is a music town. Noted for it’s musical history, traditions and as the home of Antonio Statavarious, maker of the violins. It isn’t unusual to find a local violinist in front of the clock tower playing each day and you often hear accordions and trumpets on the streets. It makes for a joyful town where everybody walks to work, church or the market each day.

Some of my very favorite sightings I’ve discovered in Cremona comes from the older generation of Cremona residents. Walking and biking is part of everybody’s everyday life here. I love seeing the older residents out and about!

I first heard of Nonnobus from a local friend. School buses don’t exist here so generally parents drive or walk their children to school. Nonnobus is a service where Grandfathers walk or drive children to school in carpools. Retired grandfathers rotate their time to provide the service and help families. It isn’t unusual to see an older man with five young kids trailing behind him or pulling up to a street corner to pick up some local children after school. I just love this!!

My favorite thing to see though is old ladies on bikes. People ride bikes everywhere here but I love the impeccably dressed, older ladies who quietly pedal their way through the streets of Cremona on their way to the market or espresso or church or who knows where. Grandma’s on bikes are cool and they make it look good!

Finally, I am quite fascinated by the old men and their small dogs. Maybe I’m just missing my dog and I now notice all the little fancy dogs this town boasts! Cremona has a huge amount of small dog ownership and they all enjoy dressing them on coats and scarves. It is Italy so fashion is important! Older men seem to be particularly drawn to the small fluffy breeds. People bring their dogs into stores and restaurants.
Many people have more than one. Ii just can’t help taking pictures when I see them!!

So that is a quick glimpse into life in Cremona. Life is good here.




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