Some things I’ve noted about Kiwi’s

New Zealand is the first English speaking, first world country we have been in for several months and at first I felt like I was back home but I began to note that things seemed a bit off. Here is a list of a few differences I have noted aside from the obvious!

Kiwi’s refer to themselves as Kiwi’s. They take pride in the term and use it when talking or describing the country or their likes.

The joke about more sheep than people isn’t just a joke. They are everywhere. Just outside of Auckland everyone has sheep and they can be seen on every ridge, hill and ravine.

That leads me to Lamb. They serve lamb at McDonalds – “lamburgers” actually. That’s all I have to say about that.

David describe’s the people of New Zealand kind of like people of Nebraska. There is a mid-western style to their dress and demeanor. Genteel and humble. They love florals and silky fabrics and lace up boots!

People in New Zealand are incredibly polite and kind. Security guards at the Mumford concert were the nicest people I’ve ever met. They offered water to people and took Lee to the bathroom. People asked each other if they could see ok. People here do not understand why Americans disagree so much about politics.

Kiwis like to go barefoot. You often see people go barefoot – even in the city. Laura said the children take their shoes off for PE and not all schools require shoes.

The All Blacks are the nation’s rugby team. They are the equivalent of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball to Kentucky. That is all I have to say about that.

New Zealand is incredibly environmentally friendly. It puts me to shame that as Americans we can’t do more. They are so green and remind you at every turn the importance of looking after our earth. Recycling, driving small cars, walking and being outside is important to everyone here. Maybe being an island nation and so close to the antarctic is a reminder, but I for one am impressed!

Sometimes things are just a little off… Like the rapping/reggae accordion/alto sax band aboard the interislander. They are actually quite talented but I really can’t explain what it is I’m listening to…also the kiwi accent is often extremely hard to understand when they really get going. Put together makes for an interesting musical experience on a 3 hour ferry ride.

So I’m sure I could go on. I absolutely love New Zealand. It is gorgeous! The people are generous, kind and polite. There are more activities to keep us busy than we could possibly ever try to pack into our three weeks. Most importantly we continue to have amazing experiences and enjoy getting to know this part of the world!

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3 Responses to Some things I’ve noted about Kiwi’s

  1. pat gerhard says:

    Nice!!! Enjoyed reading about kiwis!!! Rudo Greissman lives there now! Former Sayre student. She luvs it there!!!


  3. Kia Ora Kōrua! I’m so glad you enjoyed your time in my Country 🙂 I am from Christchurch, But I’m living in Wellington these days, shaky earth and all! It was awesome to read a foreign perspective on NZ, and your reference to die hard All Blacks fans made me laugh! We certainly do pride ourselves on our World class lamb, but the McDonald’s Lamburger tastes horrible haha I hope someday you get to come back and enjoy some more of my fine nation 🙂 e noho rā! (Goodbye, take care)

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